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26 June 2019From rag-dolls to robots: a world history of toys
25 September 2019Those crazy years: life and art in Paris during the jazz age: 1920s-30s
30 October 2019Historic Graffiti - the hidden story of the hopes, fears and desires of a nation
27 November 2019Cultural experiments in the Weimar Republic
29 January 2020The Silk Road: a textile journey
26 February 2020From Downton to Gatsby. jewellery and fashion 1890 to 1929

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From rag-dolls to robots: a world history of toys Chloe Sayer Wednesday 26 June 2019

Toys form an intimate part of our own personal histories. Some toys are universal: rattles, balls, kites and dolls entertained children in ancient times. Others reflect modern concerns: clockwork toys have been superseded by battery-operated and electronic toys. The making and the design of toys parallel the evolution of materials and technologies, trade and marketing, cultural trends and ideas about childhood. Whatever changes affect the toys of the future, however, the relationship between creativity and play will surely remain central.

Toys teach children about the environment that surrounds them, while allowing them to explore the inner world of the imagination.