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31 October 2018The English Country Church
28 November 2018Sorolla comes back to London
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27 February 2019The Trials and Tribulations of Vincent Van Gogh as seen through his works
27 March 2019Shakespeare, the Birth of modern Showbusiness

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The English Country Church Nicholas Henderson Wednesday 31 October 2018

Part one: The pre-Christian to the Tudors It is possible to ‘read’ the passage of time, of movements, cultures and peoples in the architecture and art forms evident in many of our older English country churches. This lecture takes us from the pre-Christian era, through the arrival of the Romans and onwards to the sixteenth century and the epoch changing Tudors Simple indicators are given how to identify churches with Roman and Saxon origins. The great flowering of Romanesque and gothic architecture that followed the invasion of the Normans in the eleventh century are explained with illustrated examples. Onwards into the high Middle Ages and the tumultuous changes of the Reformation we can see the architectural and structural evidence of a period of great change.